Get more from your merchant relationships using the world’s leading end-to-end operating system for merchant cash advances.

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“LendingFront provides great solutions to keep our Capital program growing.”

— Joyce Adams
Manager of Capital Operations

Small business owners value speed and convenience from their vendor relationships. Does your merchant cash advance program deliver the goods?

Turnkey Solution to Create or Scale Your Lending Program

Small businesses need capital, and there’s a growing expectation merchant processors offer it—or your customer becomes a flight risk. Yet, for many merchant processors, outdated technologies, manual processes, and a lack of lending expertise makes running such a program easier said than done. LendingFront’s end-to-end operating system for merchant cash advances delivers everything you need in a single package—pre-approval messaging, application intake, gathering required information, data aggregation, underwriting, offer presentation, e-contracts, servicing, and more.

Automation and Rules-Based Decisioning

Eliminate manual processes that extend time and reduce efficiency. Whether it’s document collection, automatic status updates, or anything in between, LendingFront’s sophisticated workflow management capabilities make it easy to deliver a streamlined borrowing experience for time-pressed business owners. Define underwriting criteria, manage communications, deploy simple web-based loans contracts, and more.

Complete Control and Transparency

Unlike other solutions, we built LendingFront to work the way you wanted it. From the application experience, required information, underwriting criteria, and more--LendingFront supports a 100% lender-defined process with no compromises around control or transparency. You’ll have access to a comprehensive activity audit of every action taken on each application, along with the ability to view your entire loan portfolio by Stage, Sales Rep, or Territory. A series of APIs also make it easy for you to build on top of LendingFront’s core operating system.

Built for the Future Ready for Today

Competition for business borrowers is higher than ever before. LendingFront helps you level the playing field. Our cloud-based delivery platform is complemented by daily backups, weekly vulnerability scans, continuous uptime monitoring, and the best professional services team in the business.

How LendingFront Works

LendingFront is the world’s leading end-to-end platform for merchant cash advances, enabling merchant processors to leverage their platforms and data to deliver pre-approvals, present offers, disburse funds, and more.

Intelligent Pre-Approvals

Leverage your visibility into real-time business activity to pre-screen merchants against a credit policy that you determine. Send pre-approval communications and enable business owners to easily apply for a merchant cash advance.

Streamlined Payments

Forget about the world of paper statements and monthly payments. LendingFront makes it easy for merchant processors to get their money back. Whether it’s a percentage of merchant revenue or a consistent daily amount, merchant payments occur electronically and on a daily basis, meaning you’re always first in line to get paid.

Portfolio Performance

Examine your portfolio performance in real time. See which loans are close to being paid back in full to determine if a second advance is needed (and likely to be accepted). Evaluate performance by sales rep, business type, and other dimensions to maintain a close thumbprint on the size and health of your program.

LendingFront By The Numbers

7 to 1

One LendingFront customer consolidated seven legacy systems into one.

“I honestly can’t say I’ve worked with a better team than LendingFront.”

— Ciara Foster
Director of Operations

Customer Success Spotlight:

  • ShopKeep identified Merchant Cash Advances as a significant revenue opportunity for the company.
  • The initial process was entirely manual, adding to administrative burdens and taking up valuable time for both ShopKeep and its customers.
  • ShopKeep hit a brick wall after funding just 27 cash advances.
  • ShopKeep implemented LendingFront, an end-to-end operating system for merchant cash advances.
  • ShopKeep’s process instantly became more streamlined and easier to manage.
  • After processing only 27 merchant cash advances before LendingFront, ShopKeep funded over 900 the year after.
  • LendingFront’s powerful analytics suite helped ShopKeep assess that 70% of merchants would accept a second cash advance if offered by the company.

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