Solutions for Every Role

LendingFront is more than a lending solution—it’s a solution to the challenges that business leaders across the organization have. From operations to IT to risk management, here’s how LendingFront can help drive success, producing measurable results that propel your function forward.

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Solutions for Every Goal

No matter what business challenges you’re facing, LendingFront helps you achieve your goals.

Adopt an end-to-end platform that solves for the most common business challenges facing financial institutions-—putting the power and technology into your hands to meet (or exceed) strategic goals, save on operational costs, and increase your ROI at every turn.

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Chief executive officer

Fund more loans with a solution that enables more efficient, more profitable small business lending. LendingFront makes it easier to offer more products to your 5MB customer base, while managing risk and reaping higher returns. No more reserves of unused cash, and no more untapped equity. Channel idle funds towards low cost, high return small business loans, and leverage the incremental revenue to achieve your ultimate endgame: a bigger financial institution.


Head of Retail Banking

In the world of retail banking, efficiency and productivity are key. The nature of branch management is changing, and branches have to change with it, Today. borrowers must step into your branch or email a banker just to start a credit application. By deploying LendingFront in those very same branches, you open up digital loan origination channels, making it easier for borrowers and bankers alike to leverage technology in place of tedious, error-prone, and time-consuming paper-based processes. The result? More applications, and more credit-worthy customers to approve. By minimizing manual processes, you'll also free up loan officers' time to focus on higher-value work--like optimizing your in-branch workflows.


Head of Operations

As operations lead, you run the process through which credit applications are evaluated. If we know one thing for certain, it's that the lending process is more painful than it should be. Adopt a solution that streamlines even the most tedious, time-consurning steps—-from initial document collection to offer presentation to contracting—-with powerful, configurable automation capabilities. With LendingFront, enable auto-approvals and rejections based on preset parameters, and empower your advisors with a tool to say "yes" or “no” faster, improving productivity across your operations. In your department, the central berefit is simple: a fast no is better than a slow no, and LendingFront can get you to “no” (or yes) much more efficiently.


Head of Risk Management

Lower your default rate and make smarter, more informed lending decisions with a solution thet offers built-in risk-managment capabilities. LendingFront works as an extension of your team, reinforcing your goals. Keep risk in check with more holistic, up-to-date applicant information, a reliable snapshot of small business’ real-time cash flows, and a comprehensive, intelligent data source thet automatically and continuously calculates risk number--optimizing your process while minimizing errors and oversights.


Head of Compliance

Your priority is clear: to make sure everyone is following the rules. Reinforce regulations and overall compliance with LendingFront’s SOC 2-certified system. Proven data security complements your ability to set access levels and to see a comprehensive activity audit of every application.


Chief Lending Officer (CLO)

As the head of lending, your ability to maintain control over your decisions is of critical importance. With LendingFront, you can automate as much or as little of the lending process as you’d like, speeding up operations and driving greater returns with no losses to control or transparency. LendingFront isn’t a replacement of your team - it’s an extension of it. Entirely white-labeled, the platform bolts into your existing systems and workflows, giving you a powerful tool to enable more profitable, more efficient lending, while keeping every automated capability or process cnage within immediate reach.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

You know that powerful software can transform a financial institution. As head of technology and IT, you’re concerned with data security, disaster recovery, and how easily a solution like LendingFront can integrate into your existing systems. Fortunately, we’ve accounted for all of that. Gain a SOC 2-certified, highly secure tool that enhances your ability to meet your long-term technology goals that delivers in-year ROI. LendingFront can be deployed within weeks, offering a range of sophisticated, cloud-based integration options, and allowing you to build a solution that works around your team—not the other way around.


Head of Business Development

Progress, improvement, and growth. These are the goals of business development leads for merchant processors across industries. As a forward-thinking, future-focused individual, you know an end-to-end automation solution is the next step for your business—but you’re not sure where to start. You can tailor LendingFront to help you meet your unique goals and needs. The technology facilitates smoother, smarter, and more streamlined transactions across your entire customer base—and lets you make the most of each and every merchant relationship by leveraging the trust and goodwill you’ve built up.


Enhance the customer experience

A strong customer experience helps grow your financial institution and leads to more satisfied customers. Part of that experience includes providing customer self-service opportunities for business and consumer lending. Improving online efficiency and streamlining how customers access credit applications and provide required documentation also alleviates the logistical burdens of meeting with customers face-to-face for small credit requests.

LendingFront’s fintech operating system integrates with your existing web interface, providing an intuitive experience for new and existing customers who visit your site. Capture customer information alongside loan applications to improve your ability to follow up, cross-sell other offerings, and boost customer engagement. With software designed specifically for borrowers, you can offer a truly seamless experience.


Speed up the digital transformation

The digital age is here—and there’s no turning back. You probably have digital systems and processes in place for some customers and services, but are you still relying on physical paperwork and cumbersome manual processes for your lending program? Digitally-enabled processes can save your staff time, reduce errors, and get your customers a response faster than ever. LendingFront enables you to automate as much or as little of the lending process as you’d like. Whether the decision is a “yes” or “no,” customers will appreciate getting an answer in days (or even hours), and your staff will be freed up to devote their time to more face-to-face interactions with your most valuable customers.


Embrace data-driven decision making

Traditional underwriting criteria don't reflect the reality of small business customers today. Criteria that are most applicable to large businesses can shut out creditworthy small businesses from receiving the funding they need and deserve. Lenders need to look at real-time cash flow, and other timely data specific to small businesses in order to fully and fairly evaluate SMB applicants. Otherwise, small businesses are bound to fall short of big business lending criteria.

LendingFront enables you to customize the documents and fields in your small business lending application so it captures only the details most relevant to your customers. Additionally, it integrates into your existing tech stack so you can easily pre-approve SMB customers who bank with your institution. Leveraging data helps you make decisions that boost your bottom line and best support your small business lending customers—and that’s a win-win situation for everyone.


Manage risk

As a community bank or lender, risk management is always top of mind. After all, lending to small businesses comes with risk—much of which results from inefficient manual processes and paperwork. Manual processes aren’t only time-consuming, but have ample potential for human error. The solution is clear: implement digital-powered processes to minimize risks and maximize your output.

LendingFront has risk management built into the platform, so your staff can focus on customers more and worry less. We make compliance easy and reduce errors with intuitive software that double-checks applications for you.


Improve operational efficiency and margins

Small businesses are just one part of your overall customer base, and when it comes to small loan amounts, meeting with applicants face-to-face and dealing with paperwork-laden processes wastes time that could be spent with high-value customers considering larger loans. Improve your operational efficiency with technology that can help you focus on high-value clients without compromising the needs of your small business customers.

With LendingFront, you can process loan applications with much greater efficiency and increase customer satisfaction in the process—all while reducing errors and freeing up your loan officers’ time.


Acquire new customers

At the top of every business’s goals is growth: capturing new customers, increasing margins, improving efficiency, and strengthening your bottom line. It’s hard to completely reinvent the wheel—so instead, consider opening up new revenue streams that fit with your current offerings, like small business lending.

Traditionally, small business lending has been rife with time-consuming, cumbersome manual processes. LendingFront’s digitally-enabled platform streamlines small business lending, enabling you to automate processes, underwrite more loan applications in less time, and increase profit. By infinitely expanding your business opportunities and bolstering relationships with existing customers, LendingFront is an investment in the future of your business.