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Overview Video
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For millions of small businesses, accessing capital can be pretty darn hard.

That’s because there’s a lot that stands in their way. From outdated application technologies to labor-intensive processes, it shouldn’t be this hard for your small business customers.
And it shouldn’t be this hard for you.

LendingFront’s technology empowers banks and other lenders to meet the capital needs of small businesses faster (and more profitably) than ever before.

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LendingFront Works

LendingFront separates small loan requests from the traditional commercial lending process, and provides lenders with the most sophisticated technology for originating, underwriting, and servicing small business loans.


Receive applications using LendingFront's white-label customer portal that can be integrated into your website.

Underwriting Automation

Create and manage your own products, apply your own automation rules, and control pricing and credit policy.

Servicing and Collections

Oversee all aspects of loan servicing and portfolio management, from funding to collecting payments to overseeing and reporting on your entire loan portfolio.

Data Management

Automatically gather credit data from a wide range of sources including bureaus as well as anti-fraud, AML, and collateral information providers, and social media and review sites.

Key Benefits of the LendingFront Platform


Multi-Platform Access

A completely digitized process enables customers to submit loan applications entirely online. From desktop to mobile (and everything in between), there’s no need to visit a physical branch, which means loan officers don’t get tied up handling small credit requests.


SMB-Specific Credit Criteria

Having helped customers underwrite and service hundreds of millions of dollars in small business loans, we know exactly what to look for in credit applications. LendingFront compiles a complete, 360-degree profile of both a business and its owners, and makes key data such as cash flow and FICO Score easy to see.


Automation & Scoring

Time is money, and when it comes to small credit applications, every second counts. LendingFront helps you save time and cut costs by turning manual processes into rules-based, automated decisions—while still providing the flexibility to maintain control over any part of the process.


Product Structure & Collection Methods

Deliver multiple loan offers in real time, and enable applicants to select the desired term, price, and loan amount based on predetermined credit parameters. Monitor payment history, balances, and other key metrics, and enable collectors to record and track all actions taken to manage delinquent accounts.

Connect the Dots

Your data. Wherever you need it.

Functionality & Benefits

Easy Configurability

Your rules. Your systems. LendingFront is easily (and highly) configurable to both your loan criteria and tech stack.

End-to-End Management

With LendingFront, you get the entire pie—not just a piece of it. Powering Originations, underwriting, servicing, and collections, it’s the complete package for delivering more credit to customers with less overhead and risk.

Complete Control & Transparency

Maintain complete control of your lending decisions and have full visibility into application statuses, payment history, and everything in between.

White Labeled

They’re your customers, which is why we believe LendingFront should be your lending solution. Our white label delivery model means we fit seamlessly into the look and feel of your website.

SOC 2 Compliant

Cyber criminals never sleep, so neither does LendingFront. We keep your customer data safe and secure 24/7, 365 days a year.

Modular & Flexible

Services-driven architecture means clients can use all (or just some) platform modules, APIs, or Web Services.

“The flexibility and strength of this system can meet the needs of an early stage startup all the way to that of a large financial institution.”

Kobina Ansah
Founder & CEO

Awards & Accolades

Extend More Capital, Save More Time

Loans Funded

With better technology and data, LendingFront customers fund more loans to small businesses.

Less Time Wasted

LendingFront helps you extend credit efficiently, and that means higher profit and happier customers.

Let's Do This

We do this for the world’s most forward-thinking lenders, and we can do it for you too.

In Their Own Words

"LendingFront has been vital in helping us grow the Capital side of our business. The platform, and its reporting capabilities, highlight different groups of merchants we need to focus on and enable us to predict who to target in future marketing campaigns. The support we receive is first class. It's like they're part of our team."
Ciara Foster

Director of Operations and Project Management,

"LendingFront’s toolkit for small business lending is fast, efficient and easy to use. It delivers all of the compliance desired without the mountain of paperwork."
Joe Garea

Managing Director,

“The flexibility and strength of this system can meet the needs of an early stage startup all the way to that of a large financial institution.”

Kobina Ansah

Founder and CEO,

“In light of the COVID-19 crisis, our selection of LendingFront has proven a good choice once again. When the crisis forced us to close our offices and begin working from home, BBL’s small business loan program did not miss a beat. As a cloud-based platform, we could easily continue working from home while maintaining security.“
Bonnie Crockett

Baltimore Business Lending

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