The coronavirus isn’t just a medical crisis; it’s also a wakeup call to small business lenders about the underwriting criteria used to make loan decisions.

In the post COVID-19 lending environment, the traditional underwriting criteria (tax/financial statements, credit scores, and other factors) will no longer provide an accurate snapshot of a small business’ performance and credit-worthiness.

So are we headed towards a capital drought?

We don’t need to–but a lot depends on lenders adopting new credit criteria and product structures that enable them to:

– Assess creditworthiness
– Deliver capital efficiently
– Manage risk

In this webinar, attendees will learn what the post-COVID/post-PPP lending environment will look like, and how they can adapt their lending processes to increase assets, grow market share, and meet the needs of small business customers.


Jorge Sun, CEO and Co-Founder, LendingFront
Adam Figueira, Head of Marketing, LendingFront


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