The coronavirus isn’t just a medical crisis; it’s also a wakeup call to small business lenders about the underwriting criteria used to make loan decisions.

In the post COVID-19 lending environment, the traditional underwriting criteria (tax/financial statements, credit scores, and other factors) will no longer provide an accurate snapshot of a small business’ performance and credit-worthiness.  So are we headed towards a capital drought?  We don’t need to–but a lot depends on lenders adopting new credit criteria and product structures that enable them to:

– Assess creditworthiness
– Deliver capital efficiently
– Manage risk

In this webinar, attendees will learn what the post-COVID/post-PPP lending environment will look like, and how they can adapt their lending processes to increase assets, grow market share, and meet the needs of small business customers.


– Jorge Sun, CEO and Co-Founder, LendingFront
– Adam Figueira, Head of Marketing, LendingFront